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Genius wood carving artists,
Master of analog polygon with the chisel.


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We interviewed Mr. Murabayashi who is in charge of Kintaro by MURABAYASHI KENJI
――"Kintaro" is a folk tale character.Please tell us if there are reasons for choosing "Kintaro" among numerous folk tales.

May 5th is a day to celebrate for the boys will grow up healthy from ancient times in Japan. "Kintaro" has been a symbol of a healthy boy.
I selected it from traditional events.

――It is particularly impressive to have a big Masakari in his hand. Please tell us the most difficult part of the reproduction.

The total balance such as the size of Masakari, the proportion of the torso to the head. (But it was not that hard.)

――Kintaro was made in three kinds of colors, and the character of the apron also varies depending on the color.
Tell us about each of them.

I expressed Kintaro with various races, not just Japanese.
It is common in all countries to wishing for children's healthy growth. I made three kinds of Kintaro as a symbol of that wish.

――Is there any other folk tale character you want to make?

Currently, there is no folk tale in particular, but In the past, I have created "Hansel and Gretel" of Grimm 's fairy tales.
It is fun to think of the character's emotions, which is not drawn in the story and I want to challenge again if I have the opportunity.

――Please comment for your fans and tell us what kind of plans and aspirations you have for the near future.

Currently, I have the workshop for kids besides my creation.
However, since the artists and the teachers of the workshop deviate from each other,I want to connect them and share the pleasure of making things with many people,
I would like to become an artist who delivers a fun world to everyone.
Thank you for your continuous support!!

Born in Osaka
Make everyone's life fun with the exciting colors and an idea of strange love(?),
an essence of animal, human and various creatures.
Carving every day one by one.