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World release of the ENGIMONO DEPARTMENT STORE original series from C.J.MART!
[Ordering term] From September 24th (Sat) 2016 0:00 to October 31st (Mon) 2016 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Kenelephant who madeENGIMONO DEPARTMENT STORE original series
――Manekineko is such an auspicious lineup worthy to the ENGIMONO DEPARTMENT STORE. Please tell me why you chosen specifically Manekineko. Is there any reason?

Initially, Manekineko, Daruma and Kokeshi was the candidate, but we chose Manekineko since the cat is the cutest and Manekineko has hands and feet, so we are able to create wider range of expressions. Also the decisive factor was the popularity in overseas.

――Please tell us the feelings that you put into the white cat and black cat.

Molding color which became signature of the characters was decided by creators. In fact, it was a coincidence that they made a white cat (part yellow) and a black cat. I think that color of the contrast is amazing and they look totally different in side by side.

――Product line-up of bright colors catch your eye. Were color variations decided with creators?

Some of them were requested by the ENGIMONO DEPARTMENT STORE, and also some items were Omakase from the color scheme to the final decision.
The coloring for the original Manekineko which released by C.J.MART was decided by creators.

――We understand that you are carrying "fun and lucky" items. Do you have any motif as theme for the series in the future?

Daruma, Fukusuke, Kokeshi, etc・・・ the ENGIMONO which are not only from the old days in Japan. Personally, I like the form of "Bat" and "Hyotan". We will continue to expand the "good luck" in the broadest sense in the future!

――You have a unique business concept for example, the monthly pop-up shop was held at Kanda Myojin last time. Tell us what kind of event plans and aspirations you have for the near future?

The first pop-up shop opened in the end of March this year, and we opened in the various locations such as Design Festa and Wonder Festival.
Kanda Myojin is in our company's parishioners region, so the pop-up shop will continuously planned to be open in future. There is an offer from other new place, we have started preparing for the next year. We would like to go even abroad!

Engimono Department Store

Open in March 2016
Presenting a range of fun and lucky items, in collaboration with various creators!
The ENGIMONO DEPARTMENT STORE deals exclusively in auspicious items relating to the theme of good luck charms and items that bring good fortune. Once a month, the store will appear in the real world to sell its wares as a pop-up shop.

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