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Hutch(retro color)《Planned to be shipped in late Mar. 2023》

9,000 yen
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Minashigo Hutch series,
the monumental work in Sofubi world by NAKAJIMA SEISAKUSHO.

Hutch retro color version is launching!

Limited time only! Ends 1/1/2023 00:00:00 JST

Planning Cooperation: Nakajima Corporation

●Height: approximately 200mm
●Faithfully reproduced Hutch released by NAKAJIMA SEISAKUSHO in 1970!
●Original package at the time of release. A middle mount board and a card included!
●The double structure header.
You can enjoy the original product image as the time of a release by taking out
the goods from the outer header!
●Completely reproduced with the cooperation of the original manufacturer
at that time the inflatable feathers on the back!

※The image shown is a prototype.
Please note that the actual product may slightly different from the image.

(C) タツノコプロ

This product is planned to be shipped in late Mar. 2023
Please note that you cannot point at a delivery date and time.

this item is shipped to the following countries only.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, USA, Italy
Product no longer sold.
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