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MAFEX T-800(The Terminator Ver.)

8,800 yen
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The best in form and outstanding articulation!
The mightiest action figure!

No pity.
No pain.
No fear.

Head Mold Shimazaki Kyoichi
Mold Production OWS modeling & PERFECT-STUDIO

●Height: approximately 160mm
●"T-800" comes up from "The Terminator"!
●Comes with 3 types of heads including damage heads!
●In the play with 5 types of firearm parts included
The battle scene can be reproduced!
●The variety of action possible by various wrist parts!
●Movable stand included!

※Some specifications may be changed in the actual product.

and any depiction of Endoskeleton are
trademarks of STUDIOCANAL S.A.S.
All Rights Reserved.
(R) All Rights Reserved.

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