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Ultra Action Boy Astro-mu 5 goldbeena

14,800 yen
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Do you copy?
It's a secret command from the lunar underground base!

The space battle in the year of 20XX!!
Defeat the dark universe alien Devilbado
that plans a takeover solar system space!

Production Design Cooperation: GALAXY PEOPLE

●Height: approximately 250mm
●Weight: 900g
●Fly ... Run ...Respond with action!
The legend Astro-Mu 5 is back!!
●Reproduction 2nd edition is 「2GO Kinsei no Daihyo Gold bina」
and「3GO Kasei no Daihyo Marsman」
●Ultra Action Boy will answer OK/NO and actions by pressing the secret button.
≪located in the abdomen and back≫
●He can run as if flying by attaching the flying adapter (included)
to the back using the stretched string in the air.

※The image shown in this page is a sample.
Actual product may slightly different from the image.

(C) ナカジマコーポレーション

Please note that this product will be available on the order of only one per person,
will be canceled if you have more than one order.
Unfortunately, we're sold out of this product.
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