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Ultra Action Boy Astro-Mu 5 Devil bado

14,800 yen
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Limited time only! Ends 12/5/2015 00:00:00 JST

Do you copy?
It's a secret command from the lunar underground base!

The space battle in the year of 20XX!!
Defeat the dark universe alien Devilbado
that plans a takeover solar system space!

Production Design Cooperation: GALAXY PEOPLE

●Height approximately 250mm
●Weight: approximately 900g
●Fly ... Run ...Respond with action!
The legend Astro-Mu 5 is back!!
●Reproduction first edition is 「1GO Chikyu no Daihyo Ultra Earth」
and「The dark universe alien Devilbado」
●Ultra Action Boy will answer OK/NO and actions by pressing the secret button.
≪located in the abdomen and back≫
●He can run as if flying by attaching the flying adapter (included)
to the back using the stretched string in the air.
●Devil flicker included!

※The image shown in this page is a sample.
Actual product may slightly different from the image.

(C) ナカジマコーポレーション

This product is planned to be shipped at the late June 2016.
Please note that you cannot point at a delivery date and time.
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