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Good luck "Oinu-sama"

[Ordering term] From September 24th (Sun) 2017 0:00 to October 31st (Tue) 2017 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Murabayashi who is in charge of Good luck "Oinu-sama"
―― It is the fifth work for the Good luck fortune series! These are next year's zodiac "Oinu-sama" following this year's "Otori-sama".
Please tell us about the feature of these 2 variation.

Already 5th time? Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
I thought that "Oinu-sama" could be done easily, but when I tried designing it,
it was much harder than I expected. Because dogs have many breeds and even with the same breed, their coat, colors, etc.
look different. Also, breeds from abroad have become popular and it was very difficult to decide one classic dog. After trial and error, these 2 variety were finished.
"Pico" is a female dog with brown drooping ears and "Kuro" is a male black dog with the ears standing up.
Both have strong character by themselves but it is even cuter if you display them together. I wish you happiness and a lot of smiles next year.

――There is the heart motif around the waist as same as previous zodiac series "Otori-sama", please tell us what does the heart motif expressing.

It is a symbol of love, courage and kindness!!

――There are "two heads high" and "three heads high" in your people and animal items,
Are there reasons for making different proportions. (Mostly two head high in the good luck series)

I think that there were a lot of three heads high and slim figure in the past items. As I myself get older,
my head got loose and infantilized so recently more items have two head high proportion.

――Besides the items in CJ MART, you make various custom made items such as nameplates, objects, signs, accessories etc.
What was the most difficult to make among them?

In the case of custom-made, the most difficult thing is ordered "Omakase" which means "leave it up to you".
It is very grateful for me to be trusted, but I am very nervous to meet client expectations.

――3 months to go for this year.
Please comment and tell us what kind of plans and aspirations you have.

I will have an exhibition and a workshop at my friends shop in Tosashimizu Kochi.
Also, working on a project to create future road from traffic awareness to traffic value,
We will launch the "OSAKA SMART DRIVER" which is the local version of "JAPAN SMART DRIVER"(https://www.smartdriver.jp/).

Born in Osaka
Make everyone's life fun with exciting colors and ideas of strange love(?),
essence of animal, human and various creatures.
Carving every day one by one.