The greatest masterpiece of Japan's preeminent artist, Hajime Sorayama.
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We interviewed Mr. Sorayama who is in charge ofThe NEW CATALOG "SORAYAMA" Hajime Sorayama
――It is a truly special art book covered with the aluminum relief box. Please tell us about the aluminum relief box.

My book has been published around 30 worldwide.
Each director also printed paper to make it metal-like to express "Sorayama" with a special paper texture. Well, they were a metal-like after all.
I wanted to make an unprecedented book with genuine metal cover.

Eventually, only a cover became an aluminum, but I am quite happy as first challenge.
I appreciate the labor of staff. it was really good job. Please prepare for the next time as well ,,, hahaha!

――The illustration used for the relief is the main work of a solo exhibition at Jacob Lewis Gallery, isn't it?
Is it an art work you made for this solo exhibition?

Yes, It was a designation of Mr. Jacob. He also specified Kate Moss for the NY exhibition.

――Please tell us the theme of this art book. Also tell us an artwork you want to show us the most.

The theme is "Always make people surprise". I love them all!

――Sexy lines and expressions are very attractive, but which body part is the best you like to draw?

I cannot say it because I will be arrested for public indecency.
Klimt had already done it 150 years ago, but it is the ultimate desire to use penis as a paintbrush, and semen mix in the paint oil. It is a pervert.

――You have been successful in domestic as well as overseas this year. Tell us about your plans and aspirations for next year?

I am always challenging. This year has ended. Let's face in front.
Falling forward till death! Please ask NUG for future plans. Many interesting things have been planning.

Hajime Sorayama

Born 1947 in Ehime prefecture, Japan.
Graduated Chubi Central Art School in 1969. Became a freelance illustrator in 1972.
Pursuing the beauty of the human body and machinery, with the astonishing
drawing technique as a weapon, became legendary artist internationally.
In the "Sexy Robot" series (1978 -), expressions incorporating women's body beauty
into robot, greatly influenced subsequent robot image formation.
In 1999, worked on the concept design of the entertainment robot "AIBO" developed by Sony,
received Good Design Award Grand Prix (MITI) and Media Arts Festival Grand Prix
(Agency for Cultural Affairs).
In 2001, the first "AIBO"  became a permanent collection in the Smithsonian Museum & MOMA,
and received the Asahi Shimbun inventor prize in the same year.
Also known for album cover of Aero Smith 's "Just Push Play" (2001).

Recent exhibitions:
Solo exhibition "Sorayama" Jacob Lewis Gallery (New York, USA),
"An actress is not a machine, but treated like a machine." NANZUKA (Tokyo)

Group exhibition "DESIRE" Moore Building (Miami, USA),"Space and Art Exhibition" Mori Art Museum (Tokyo)

Official website:http://sorayama.jp/