TOP -> 2016/12/24 "Forever 5-year-old" series、Valentine BEAR by KENJI MURABAYASH
Genius wood carving artists,
Master of analog polygon with the chisel.
[Ordering term] From December 24th (Sat) 2016 0:00 to January 10th (Tue) 2017 23:59 (Valentine BEAR by KENJI MURABAYASH)
We interviewed Mr. Murabayashi who is in charge ofThe "Forever 5-year-old" series and Valentine BEAR
――"Forever 5-year old series" is a concept to make various subjects into 5 years old, but is there any point in making modeling?

I will pay attention to the whole dimension in making it a series.
Also, I would like to express a features of the subject which became the 5-year old,
including such as personality.

――Please let us know if you have a favorite among eleven line-ups or if there is any particular one you would like to draw attention.

It's difficult question. I love everyone.

――What is the most impressive motif for you in the "Forever 5- year old series" so far?

It is a tree.
Because the plant was my first time challenge・・・

――Is the coloration of red and white in Valentine Bear for Valentine's Day and White Day?

That's right! I They are individually cute, but even cuter if they are together.

――You held various exhibitions and opening stores this year. Tell us about your plans and aspirations for next year?

I was supported by everyone this year, and was able to produce works happily.
Looking at the world, the environment that you can enjoy your job may not be always there.
I am thankful and I'd like to share more fun with various people through work and day-to-day activities. Specifically, it is a secret!
Thank you so much for this year!
Wish you have a wonderful new year!

Born in Osaka
Make everyone's life fun with the exciting colors and an idea of strange love(?),
an essence of animal, human and various creatures.
Carving every day one by one.