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Intense ultimate beauty.
The ultimate「Asura」created with precise calculations and thorough observation.


[Ordering term] From October 24th (Mon) 2016 0:00 to November 30th (Wed) 2016 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Miyawaki who is in charge ofAsura(40cm)
――You have produced a large number of figurines in the Buddha statue theme.
Please tell us why you decided to make Asura in a large size which has not been produced before.

Modeling style of Kaiyodo has a pictorial element. Takashi Kinoshita, who was responsible for the prototype is good at beautiful molding.
He has been acclaimed as the best mold sculptor in the world by model sculpting of Ultraman which has a common point with Buddha sculpting.
We decided to make Asura because we believed that he could make a simple and beautiful Asura.

――Many varieties of Asura theme figurines have been released. Has this "Asura" produced with a new prototype?
What is the attractive feature compared to other variations?

Of course, we have created a new prototype. The attractive feature is the size that can show off the maximum ability of Takashi Kinoshita.
The size that he does best. And the mystical atmosphere Asura originally have was expressed as it is.

――Speaking of Asura, a God that has three different faces. Please tell us your feeling in each three face expressions.

This Asura is a figurine, not a Buddha statue. Since the model sculptor is not a Buddha sculptor, Buddhism soul is not placed in it. Of course,
there are spirits of modeling sculptor. We spent a lot of time and effort. We have put particular feelings into the expression of eyes and the thin eyelid.

――Please tell us the most difficult point to reproduce the delicate paint as close to the real thing.

In general, We reproduced the color behind the dirt. The eye line was purposely staggered to express a sorrow of Asura.

――Are there other object you want to create? On any other Buddha statue that you want to scale-up?

I wish to create a beautiful Buddha statue such as Miroku Bosatsu.

Shuichi Miyawaki (Born 1957)
President of KAIYODO Co.,Ltd.
Executive Committee Chairman for Japan's largest modeling event "Wonder Festival"

Son of Kaiyodo founder Osamu Miyawaki. Representing Kaiyodo by symbolic personality.
Participate in the management of Kaiyodo (established 1964) from childhood which
opened as a model retail store by his father Osamu Miyawaki.
Since the 1980s, lead the modeling creators by his sophisticated "sense of modeling".
Engaged in the launch of Kaiyodo and became figure manufacturer from a retailer.

Precise and vibrant expression of the characters in animation, special effects hero
or extinct organisms such as dinosaurs modeled by him have been received high praise from all over the world.
One of the most important person in the development of the Garage kit (figure) scene in Japan.
In recent years, - produced Japanese animal series and SHOKUGAN, which became social phenomenon.
Collaborate with museums or large exhibitions internationally.
Receiving support of the general people, not only maniacs, and continue to create hit figures in a variety of genres.