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The good luck Rooster

(C) Murabayashi Kenji/MORRISON
[Ordering term] From September 24th (Sat) 2016 0:00 to October 31st (Mon) 2016 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Murabayashi who is in charge ofThe good luck Rooster
――It is the fourth work for the Good luck fortune series! It will be the first "Chinese Zodiac" in the series. Please tell us why you chose "Chinese Zodiac" this time.

It is the first release at C.J.MART, but we have been producing "Chinese Zodiac" since four years ago (snake). This is a Chinese Zodiac work which celebrates the bright New Year and cheerful feelings.

――The impression of work, it reminds me the boys and girl. What kind of Rooster did you represent?

It is male and female. You can decorate just one body or I think it is nice to decorate both of them for couples. The male has a gold egg on his waist. What will be born!? Expresses the hope of the future. The heart of female expresses a kindness. It is a universal force of life.

――Is there any other Zodiac you want to make? Do you plan to make a series?

Yes, we plan to make more Zodiac. First, we want to make all 12 Zodiac.

――Please tell us about feature of the "fortune series".

The characters with a common understanding which everyone could entrust their thoughts. Most importantly, smile.

――Tell us about your plans and aspirations for the near future?

There is not particularly fixed thing. I have the workshop for children besides creating my works. Convey the joy through the works. Share the joy of creation with many people.
The new deployment might be born by doing it! You're gonna love it!

Born in Osaka
Make everyone's life fun with the exciting colors and an idea of strange love(?),
an essence of animal, human and various creatures.
Carving every day one by one.