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We interviewed LINK FACTORY which createdLoch Ness Pennant
――The pennant was once a common souvenir, but it became less popular now. Please tell us why you chose a pennant. Is there any reason?

It was originally a give-away gift for event visitors in the event called "Tondemo Grand Prix" which is a competitive show of the world's ridiculous books or outrageous properties,
organized by so called "Togakkai". At that time, it was a small pennant-shaped bookmark.
But the illustrations of Kaida sensei who is also a Togakkai member was too good just to be a small bookmark, so we decided to make a real pennant.

――Please tell us about the feature of the product.

The fringe and the color of the illustration.

――Yuji Kaida who is a very famous Kaiju illustrator. How did you feel when he readily agreed to making this pennant?

I was very excited and I thought this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, I tried to make a very silly stupid goods with that cool picture.

――How did you feel when it got re-attention in the movie "The Anthem of the Heart" last year?

Those were sold just a few by hand selling. I wanted to know how they found it. I was informed by a twitter follower of Kaida sensei, and I went to see the movie. On this occasion, I hope it to be owned by this movie fans as well.

――You have been working on many projects on the concept of UMA. Please tell us the most attractive UMA for you, and the reason why.

You can collect mummies of Kappa and Mermaid in interesting form and I feel them very attractive.

――Congratulations for the 10th anniversary of LINK FACTORY in July 2016.
Tell us about the most impressive events in the past 10 years, also tell us what kind of plans and aspirations you have for the near future?

I was about to go bankrupt in beginning of this 10th anniversary year. I would like to be more planned in management.

Established in 2006. Product developing for prosthetic makeup, robot skin,
figure, accessories and event installation for drama, TV show as well as movies.

Major works:
『Senritsu Kaiki File KOWASUGI!』(movie),『DoctorX 〜surgeon・Michiko Daimon〜』(TV drama),
『STAR WARS Celebration Japan』(event),『IWANINJYUTSU』,『OnnenGirls Collection』(Photo book),
『OnnenGirls apartment』(exhibition at Vanilla Gallery Ginza),『INUGAMI ICHIBANKUJI』,『Gokiburi cracker』
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