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Elephant drawn by the genius painter Ito Jakuchu became three-dimensional!

Elephant of Jakuchu (Original / Shangri-La / jade)
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We interviewed Mr. Magaidou who createdElephant of Jakuchu (Original / Shangri-La / jade)
――You created a 3-D elephant from the epic painting,「Elephant and Whale Screens」by genius painter Ito Jakuchu.
Please tell me why you chosen specifically this elephant. Is there any reason?

I was asked by my master, the top adviser of Magaidou Sofubi, "You want this?"
I said "Oh, this is awesome. I'll do it". It was a prompt decision. Despite painting was drawn in the Edo period,
I was obsessed with this healing character at first sight. Regardless of knowing this art or not,
I thought it grabs a lot of people's heart. It urged me to create a Sofubi.

――I think that the mysterious collection such as Medjed-sama is one of the reason that your popularity is increasing. In what circumstances do you create the items?

It's often a revelation from my master. Basically I like "UMA-ish","God -ish" and "SF-ish",
and I create items I want among those category on my own judgment and prejudice.

――I imagined that your favor is historical stuff such as Jakuchu or Medjed of Egypt mythology. Is it correct?

As you pointed out, I like the historical things, but I am not sticking only to it.
There were many historical and academic lines lately, but I am also planning a completely different genre.

――Please tell us about the feature of the product, and also tell us the feeling of when you have completed the item.

Well, it is a fluttering part of "Medjed-sama" in a recent product.
I asked pretty tough request to the factory in order to achieve this shape and they did a great deal of cooperation.
I deeply appreciate for that. I really wanted to put out the feeling that fluttering in the wind!
(Some bubble is not a big deal ... It's a charm!?)
Always when the product is completed, I get desire to get it better.

――Please comment for your fans and tell us what kind of plans and aspirations you have for the near future?

"Foolish!", "What's this!", "Isn't it similar to something?!"
Those are the best compliment for Magaidou.I am glad if our goods make people happy!
Anyway, basically I make only what I want. Thank you!We wish for more. A big dream is to go back to Wajima,
and work more on the subject of the town and its people.


You might have seen it somewhere, or might have not. We want to create mysterious characters and products.
That is the concept of Magaidou. Even if we receive some scolding,
I want to continue to create the product for my self-satisfaction as much as possible!