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YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING Mr. Yukihiro Teshima × CYBER NEWNEW Mr. Mecha Elvis
――The brand concept of YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING is "Clothes that can be someone's hero". How did you start it?

I loved professional wrestling since I was a child. I wanted to make a costume of professional wrestler and I started as a stylist's assistant.
I won the grand prize of "New Designer Fashion Grand Prix" in 2012 and decided to launch my brand after the contest.

――Last October, "YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING x CYBER NEWNEW" received a huge attention at Tokyo Collection which was your first appearance.

When we participated in " TSUBURAYA PRODUCTION CREATIVE JAM 50",
I was introduced to Mr. Akashi (Tatsuhiko Akashi/ President of MEDICOM TOY) by the event producer.
I heard about the band called CYBER NEWNEW for the first time from him.
I had hardly listened to music other than entrance songs of professional wrestling so I was liked "what is Mecha Elvis!?"Lol

Mecha Elvis
It was the same time CYBER NEWNEW was re-starting and we were talking that it would be great if we could work on something together.
Then Mr. Teshima said "I will make clothes inspired by CYBER NEWNEW so can you work on the music for the show?"

But it is still a "mystery" to me. I had my Mecha Elvis Sofubi doll which Mr. Akashi gave me displayed at my home and my parents asked "is this Elvis?"
I answered "no, it's Mecha Elvis." and my parents asked "what is Mecha Elvis?" and I couldn't explain at all.
I asked Mecha Elvis how he made the costume and he says "I picked them up from waste material" lol. Eventually,
I made the clothes light up because of "cyber" and used wasted wool from the concept of using wastes which is the same as the original costume.

――Those are the King Mecha Elvis's jacket and pants that will be launched from C.J. MART.

Mecha Elvis
I read the interview article of Mr. Teshima. Did your grandfather take you to your first professional wrestling match?

Yes, he forced me to go when I was 7 years old. I was watching a villain wrestler brawl right in front of me. I was scared and crying but then the opponent wrestler who had been beaten with a chair gently touched my head and said "I'm fine".
The wrestler was Ultimo Dragon and the way he went back to the ring was super cool to me. Since then,
hero to me is someone who stands up after being hurt by a villain and wins in a come-back win.

Mecha Elvis
I understand that feeling. Heroism for me is how you lose. Like Joe Yabuki from the comic "Ashitano Joe".
The coolness of Joe is definitely the way he loses. He was defeated by Jose Mendoza in his final match. Initially in the script of the writer Ikki Kajiwara (credited to Asao Takamori), Tange Danpei says to Joe that "you lost the match but won the fight". He wanted to end the whole series with it. However, Tetsuya Chiba did not agree and it ended with a pure white burn out.

What the heck? You are a really mystery because you know too much things.Lol
Repli Sin is super cool too. He made a great video of the show when I asked him and I think you guys are super!
I want to know you more but at the same time I don't want to ... you guys a really strange group.

Mecha Elvis
I would like to know more about you. Lol You are making clothes only from your professional wrestling background which was your first intention.

That is because of the people who are interested and reach out to me. In terms of the first intention,
I love the two songs which are "Vegas no Elvis ni naritai" and "Chintsuzai de Pon" (from the album "MIKAIHA YARO"). I want to make clothes only by force like you do.

Mecha Elvis
Yes "Chintsuzai de Pon" is a song that was made only by force at that time. Until then, we were wearing black suit and dressed in hat like Blues Brothers but one day,
Repli Sin suddenly said "let's change the band name to "CYBER NEWNEW". We waived all previous songs and
"MIKAIHAYARO" is the album that contained all of our new songs and
we made it in about three days. The new stage name given to me and the drum guy by Sin was "Frustration Tamegoro and Tameo".Lol


Meka Elvis
"Tameo" was absolutely disgusting so I came up with the idea of Elvis who is the icon of the rock n' roll.
In our generation, we put "mecha" to mechanized character. For example, Mecha Godzilla or Mecha Nikongu.
I thought "Mecha Elvis" matches to "Cyber".
I asked my friend to create a mask with the concept of "Alone in Las Vegas" and made it flashy with electric spectaculars.

I see. If I heard that story earlier, I might have created a different design because of
"Alone in Las Vegas". But when I listened to the CD, I thought I should go with the instinctive force.

Mecha Elvis
I think you were absolutely right. You understood about us so well. This is a genuine collaboration by that meaning as well.

――Also textile items which Mecha Elvis character is been printed will be released.

We are using lightweight outdoor fabric with excellent durability so the colors will not fade even after washing many times.
We have received a good response from people who saw the Mecha Elvis character in overseas exhibitions.
I cannot explain what kind of music these guys are playing. Whether it's Metal? Rock? R&B? Hip Hop? or Vocaloid?
It cannot be categorized and I don't know about music anyways.
But I do know how amazing your music is so I just expressed my honest feeling.

Mecha Elvis
I like this textile from the first time I saw it.

We will have a show together again at Paris Japan Expo this coming July. I would like to accomplish the things what we couldn't do at Tokyo collection last year.
CYBER NEWNEW connected me with various people. When I exhibited this textile clothes at Tower Records the other day, a guy came to me and asked "Is this Elvis?"
I answered "No, this is Mecha Elvis" as always. The guy was the president of the company that has Elvis Presley's copyright in Japan.

Mecha Elvis
Oh wow! Was everything all right? Was he angry?

Not at all. He liked it very much.

Mecha Elvis
Thank God. He understood the gag. Lol

I told him "I want to create a collaboration T-shirt of Mecha Elvis and Elvis Presley and sell them at Tower Records."
I don't know if it is possible, but I wish I could.

Mecha Elvis

From 1989-1992, played as the guitarist, composer and vocalist for 20th CENTURY CYBER NEWNEW.
Stopping band activities in 1992 after a freak accident during a live performance,
focused mainly on producing movie music which raised up to couple hundreds of drama music.
Restarted the band as NEW CENTURY CYBER NEWNEW in 2015 which was their first activity in 23 years.
New album is planned to be released this year which has been 25 years from their last album.
Their latest package which is "Without Love" and "Fukusen Kaishu Topology" enclosed with
NY@BRICK + digital download card will be released on June 24th.

YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING x CYBER NEWNEW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt1hq7yWq3M
Yukihiro Teshima

Designer of apparel brand, YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING.
Apparel brand with the concept, "Clothes which can change you into someone's hero".
Professional wrestling, fashion and hero. They all have the special power to "attract".
Combine all three into one and attract people.
Collaborated with Tsuburaya Production, Kinnikuman, professional wrestlers and Tower Records.
Innovative design featuring professional wrestling and hero,
the brand won the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in 2012 and 2015.
They were featured in a show room in Paris and was was been active world wide.