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Genius wood carving artist "Kenji Murabayashi "
from Osaka.
Maestro of analog polygon with chisel.

Good luck fortune Tengu
[Ordering term] From Arpil 24th (Sun) 2016 0:00 to May 31st (Tue) 2016 23:59
We interviewed Mr. MURABAYASHI who createdGood luck fortune Tengu.
――It is the third work of the Good luck fortune series.
Please tell us why it is Tengu this time.

I expressed traditional motifs of Japan in the past two works and Tengu is in a same category of its series.
About three years ago, a buyer of Takashimaya introduced me to a brand called "Tengu Meister" for the pop-up store collaboration work in Takashimaya Kyoto.
I made Tengu dolls and pins in wood carving as collaboration products with "Tengu Meister". We made the Tengu doll family of five, a grandfather, father, mother, daughter and son. Also the animal Tengu in pins. Tengu nose is amazing because various animals transform into Tengu by simply putting a symbolic extended nose of Tengu.
Well it was a new discovery to me and we made a lot, but it didn't sell well. The public image of Tengu (majestic) is standardized, so possibility of production are various.
I'm really into Tengu!

――There are various theories of Tengu. (God or monster, demon, etc.)
What do you think about it?

I don't know about their origins but I think that they are in a high positions in the spiritual world. I do not feel an overwhelming energy to them like a dragon. I think they are more like Kin. I think they are in nature side than human side, but they are dressed like warrior priest. They might be human with the wizardry (?)

――Murabayashi work is very pop and easily recognizable such as Tengu with beard or wearing only underwear. What was the image of your Tengu?

I think there are many dignified Tengu. Although he has beard, my theme is "Forever 5-year-old". He is a kid inside. I want to continue to have a pure and fresh sensitivity forever such as a 5-year-old. Your life is yours but you can often lose yourself. Adults need to work to regain themselves. 5-year-olds are really good role models. This Tengu has sparkling eyes, go anywhere and fly anywhere.
The reason why he only wears an underpants is that I wanted to express the natural stance instead of majesty.

――Please tell us about the feature of "Good luck fortune Tengu".

There are many variety of pants pattern!

――Tell us about your plans and aspirations for the near future?

I will produce the local support series "Gotochi-san".
A group exhibition for the first time in two years will be held in Ube City, Yamaguchi in September.
In October, the two person exhibition will be held in Setagaya Uminoie, Tokyo followed by many more things.
Thank you for your continuous support!