Release of the new BE@RBRICK for C.J.MART by "KARIMOKU",
the Japan's proud furniture manufacturer to the world.

[Ordering term] From April 24th (Sun) 2016 0:00 to May 31st (Tue) 2016 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Ikeda who createdBE@RBRICK KARIMOKU CRACK PAINT 400%
――This is the new work in the paint series following INDIGO PAINT and ROSEWOOD PAINT. Please tell us why it is CRACK PAINT this time.

We wanted to challenge our painting technique and express the greatness of paint this time.
We wanted to show our paint technique used on the wooden furniture for everyone to enjoy it.
This is a new challenge with a different viewpoint.

――Tell us about the CRACK PAINT.

It is one of the painting techniques that can give an antique feel to new goods.
The cracking and deterioration will occur to the furniture that was used for a long period of time.
It is quite common to antique furnitures. In the world of antique furniture,
those cracks and deterioration increase its value as evidence of history.
This time, we have applied CRACK PAINT to the newly manufactured BE@RBRICK to have antique feeling to it.

――Please tell us the most difficult part of the reproduction for the CRACK PAINT.

The paint craftsman said "It's pretty tough this time". The size of cracking and the width emerge bit by bit in the painting process and it all depends on the temperature and humidity.
There were some with cracks and without cracks in the prototype. We spend a long time for paint tests to respond to customers' high expectations and at the end, the painter was able to control cracks. Although individual differences are there, we were satisfied with the product.

――Is there any other painting method would you like to apply on BE@RBRICK in the future?

I'd like to challenge "lacquer" on BE@RBRICK because MEDICOM TOY and KARIMOKU are both Japanese manufacturer and "lacquer" is a Japanese paint called "JAPAN" in English.

――Please give a message to those who are looking forward to this BE@RBRICK.

It is a unique paint expression that you don't see very often. They are produced in varieties of conditions, so each product has it's own character. Each product is different, so please look forward to it.
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