Limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

From the American artist Todd James' new solo exhibition
"Fly Like The Wind",the TIT WIZARD PLUSH will be released
at CJ MART in limited quantity!!
(C) 2015 Todd James All Rights Reserved.

[Ordering term] From November 14th (Sat) 2015 0:00
We interviewed Mr. Todd James who created TIT WIZARD PLUSH
――How was the second exhibition at NANZUKA gallery?

Very positive, I love it in Tokyo. I was happy with the selection of work and enjoyed putting it together.
Both times friends I had no idea where in Tokyo happened to be there and came through. It's a nice crossroads of the world.

――We don't think you release many commercialized objects but why did you decide to make your work in 3D this time?
Also, why was it in plush? Lastly, why was it TIT WIZARD?

Every once in a while I make sculptures or product related work but it's fun when I do. These things take a long time to complete.
We thought Tit Wizard should be plush. Plush is fun. You hug plush, you sleep with plush, you live with it and you sink into it.
Plush can be for kids but this is for everyone. Its soft, this needed to be soft and playful. Tit Wizard is something everyone needs.
Tit Wizard is there for you to pour milk in your breakfast cereal, to rest your head on when things get tough.
Tit Wizard is magic. We need some mystery and we need love in life. Tit Wizard is full of surprises and milk, to help everyone grow.

――What did you focus on when producing this product?
Also, please tell us what you thought when you saw the final product.

The materials, I knew I needed the yarn hair instead of realistic doll hair.
We needed the right kind of soft materials and big glass eyes. I lost my mind when we saw the final one,
I think everyone will fall in love when they see Tit Wizard.

――We think that you are the person who have been leading the underground culture since you were a teenager.
What kind of teenager were you at that time?
Also, is there any artist whom you were influenced by?

Thanks for such a compliment. When I was a teenager I felt nothing would change and the things going on around you would be there forever.
I was like most teenagers but was really focused on art and doing graffiti and having fun,
a bit out of control. I loved comic book artists like Vaughn Bode and R Crumb and cartoon films by Ralph Bakshi.
I was influenced by a lot of subway graffiti with many artists, this list is very long, but Tack Fba Dondi and Skeme come instantly to mind.

――We think that the coloring of your works are very pop and drawn very freely.
But on the other hand, we sometimes feel a message of deep criticism in your art.
What kind of thoughts or emotions do you put into your work when you draw?

I just begin and see what comes out usually. Sometimes I have an Idea first or a feeling, or inspiration.

――Please tell us your future plan or vision of your works.

I'm interested in making an animated film project and have been working on ideas.
I'm working on more paintings and I'm excited to share Tit Wizard right now!
Todd James

Born in New York in 1969. One of the artist who represents the New York street arts from the 80's to the 90's.
Started tagging in New York under the name REAS when he was a teenager,Todd James was in the center of the underground culture and has influenced people around the world.

He became famous in the art scene from the exhibition "Street Market" which was held in New York City's Deitch Projects in 2000 together with Barry McGee and Steve Powers.
The exhibition featured graffiti's of the back streets of New York and was selected for the Venice Biennale at American Pavilion on 2001.
The exhibition was held in Parco Museum in Japan and was a worldwide sensation.

We interviewed Mr. Nanzuka who created TIT WIZARD PLUSH
――How long do you have friendship with Todd James? Please tell me behind the story of this second solo exhibition.

We met each other in NY introduced by KAWS in 2007.
His first solo exhibition was originally scheduled in 2011,
but postponed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Eventually it was held in Tokyo Nanzuka in 2012.

Actually, we had his second solo exhibition last year at AishoNanzuka of Hong Kong.
The show received great response and we decided to hold an exhibition immediately in Tokyo.

――Tell us why in 3D this time, and why in plush? Also, why did you choose TIT WIZARD?

Basically, all ideas came from Todd.
After the first solo exhibition, we talked about creating some product.
It took us three years, but we finally made it.

――NANZUKA gallery have many artists affiliated. Do they have something in common?

Well, I've been asked this question many times (laugh), but it is only my preference.
The important materials and keywords for me to work with the artists are "originality", "international", "anti-fine art," "innocence".

――Please tell us about the feature of this work and the people's reaction at the exhibition at NANZUKA gallery.

We had thorough quality control to reproduce the atmosphere of Todd's original painting.
Although it was a very tight schedule, we asked PlasticArts (production management) to revise the sample more than seven times,
and the sample was just finished the first day of the exhibition.
Well,I was very happy to see that Todd himself was overjoyed at the moment he saw the final product (laugh).

――What kind of plans and aspirations do you have for the near future?

At the next Todd exhibition, we would like to make a miniature garden installation displaying huge amount of drawings
which was also shown in the relevant exhibition of this year's Venice Biennale.
Shinji Nanzuka

1978 Born in Tokyo
2002 Graduated Waseda University Art History
2005 Waseda University Graduate School art history maturity dropped out
2005 (October) Open the contemporary art gallery [NANZUKA UNDERGROUND] in Shibuya
2011 Change gallery name to "NANZUKA"
2013 Open "AishoNanzuka" in collaboration with Aisho Miura Arts in Hong Kong

Committed to work to re-evaluate the talent that has been buried outside of
fine art in the art system of post-war Japan in the international framework
such as Keiichi Tanaami, Hajime Sorayama, Harumi Yamaguchi.

On the other hand, introducing domestic and foreign young mid-career artists, and
building networks with galleries overseas, also participated actively in international art fair.