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the guardian angel of cats.

NYAGOTH is a guardian to protect you and
your cats.
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NYAGOTH(Lacquer-style finish)
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We interviewed Mr. KANTOH who created NYAGOTH.
――Please tell us your profile and how you started making figures.

In the 90s, there was the garage kit boom overseas and I debuted as a monster garage kit sculptor from an American manufacturer.
The first monster I was in charge was the character created by Harryhausen.
I remember that I was an elementary school student when I started model sculpting.
I was very impressed by the character of Harryhausen which I saw in the movie "Jason and the Argonauts".
The next day, I bought a paper clay at a stationery store and created
my first figure by following my memories.
I couldn't make it as good as I wanted to since it was my first time but it was a feeling of catharsis to create "entity" from "nothing"
into this world.
I think it is a strange chance that both my first creation and my professional debut item was Harryhausen creature.

――While there are various types of NYAGOTH, please tell us how they were born and your special feelings towards them.

I am a collector of old sofubi figures and have a collection of them.
After studying about the history of sofubi and knowing the sculptors of those days, I was driven by an impulse to create a retro looking original kaiju.
That is why I made the mini figure of CHUPARA in resin.
After that, President Akashi from MEDICOM TOY contacted me and this is how I was able to make
my long awaited dream to make a sofubi figure come true.
The standard size CHUPARA and NYAGOTH was born.
I cannot forget how happy I was when I first received NYAGOTH made in sofubi.
It felt "warm" holding the figure because of all the veteran sofubi masters who supported to manufacture the product.

――You are making a variety of figures from grotesque, retro, mummy, muscular men to even pretty girls.
Please tell us what is the most important point of your creation?

The field of the characters might be different but the goal to manufacture them are all the same.
I love all of the characters I produce and I can image how they will look like when they are finished before manufacturing them.
What I pay attention to is that the product is not a self-satisfying product for myself but I try to create what my fans will want.
I try to find that spot by thinking about the character and love them.

――Please tell us about the feature of this NYAGOTH.

The motif of NYAGOTH is "black cat" but I wanted a magnificent feeling in it by using "red" effectively.
Therefore, I used crimson gradation in black gloss body.
When I brought a prototype to Mr. Akashi, he felt it was like a Japanese "lacquered product"
and that's when the concept of this product was fixed.
Image of "Japan" became the concept and the name NYAGOTH (in Chinese letter) became its name.

――Tell us about your plans and aspirations for the near future?

I think that sofubi has a potential to become "traditional Japanese crafts" some decades later
and I believe they would be evaluated as a culture and remain as history.
I am grateful to be in part of this and looking forward to work respectfully.
I will make licensed characters to be more attractive and original characters to be more creative.

Became a model sculptor after working as a graphic designer for several years.
Worked as a garage kit sculptor for an American manufacturer.
Worked at variety of fields such as sculpting domestic figure prototypes, sculpting finished products, sculpting museum exhibition replica and a model magazine writer.