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Genius wood carving artist "Kenji Murabayashi "
from Osaka.
Maestro of analog polygon with chisel.


Good luck fortune DARUMA (L)
Good luck fortune DARUMA (S)
[Ordering term] From June 24th (Wed) 2015 0:00 to July 31st (Fri) 2015 23:59
We interviewed Mr. MURABAYASHI who created Good luck fortune DARUMA.
――You use vivid colors with a pop style. Was this style established after you started carving woods?

I was in a different field before I started carving woods
so I did not have an opportunity to make my own work.
Therefore, I think I wasn't aware of the vivid colors or the pop styles.

Since I started wood carving at the Ainu folk art shop,
I was utilizing natural texture of wood and making non-colored works.
They were indigenous works which was so much different from my recent works.
However, I think I had a potential desire to colors because
the wood carving mascot which I gave to my friend was in pop style using primary colors.

――Following your previous product at CJ MART, this series is also a good luck fortune series.
What are the messages to it?

As you can see the character of "luck" on its body, the theme is "luck" indeed.
I wish it brings a little more smile to your family by having them sitting in your home.
I believe that good fortune will come naturally if you smile.

――It looks like his hair style but what is DARUMA wearing on his head?

As I said before, the theme is "luck".
The shape is what the "Daruma" and "luck" has coalesced.
Please use your imagination!

――Please tell us about the feature of this work.

Like the previous product, all surface are hand-carved using a chisel and finished by hand painting.
All is made in the same method but all are different.
I am happy if you can feel the energy of things made by hand.

――Tell us about your plans and aspirations for the near future?

It's been 17 years(probably) since I started carving.
I was too persistent for creation before,
but I think I finally found my style of production and feel comfortable.
I want to continue producing slowly, happily and spontaneously.
I am drawing a lot recently. Also, I have a lot of opportunities to work with various people.
I want to continue making things that can share happiness.
Not just handing them over, but to have happiness and peace remain in their memory.

June 26th ~ July 6th
"FOREVER age Five"(exhibition)

Kenji Murabayashi holds a workshop and he was inspired by the 5 year olds who comes there.
This is an exhibition with a theme which Kenji wishes
if everybody had the inspiration of a 5 year old, it would be a wonderful world.

July 31st ~ August 2nd
"A traveling Tengu and Kiborikun"(exhibition and workshop)

Collaboration with Tengu Meister.
Wood sculpture of Tengu, original T-shirts and
stool upholstery order are available.
At Suginami "Uminoie"

August 9th ~ August 18th
Wood Carving Festival in Summer.

A petit exhibition at HanautaZakkaten in Fukuoka.
Collaboration goods of SAYAPICO × morrison
will be available!
The author will hold a workshop on August 9th and there will be live painting!
Hanauta Zakkaten

End of August
Exhibition at Akanko Ainu Kotan, Hokkaido
Further details will be announced later.

President of morrison(森寸) Born in Osaka.
After failing to be an industrial designer,
works as a disaster volunteer for half a year.
Then he was introduced by fellow volunteers to work as a construction worker in Rebun Island,
the northernmost of Hokkaido.

Traveling all over Hokkaido by bicycle and end up in the folk art shop in Lake Akan Ainu Kotan and got part time job. Encounter with variety of unique people and culture shocked, then decided to stay in the whole winter there.

Began wood carving in Hokkaido and back to Osaka. His message through the works and unique POP of style is supported by the people of all ages.
Focusing on the object production as a wood carving artist.