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Good fortune Honmaneki nekoya

The papier-mache inherited in old-fashioned method
handmade one by one.


Tainori Darumanori
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We interviewed Honma who created Tainori and Darumanori
――Please tell us your profile and how you started papier-mâché.

I always liked local toys and I wanted to make a papier-mâché for an exhibition.
Thankfully, I met papier-mâché paper craftsman Shigeo Shimada at Ogawa, Saitama Japan in 2006 and I was able to study papier-mâché under him.

――What do you like about papier-mâché?

First of all, it is not a clear shape in a good way.
Papier-mâché can't be expressed in fine detail because paper covers the mold.
Additionally, the paper needs to be removed from the form. It's fun to see an unexpected expression of colors in its limited shape.

――While there are various types of papier-mâché, why are you focusing on MANEKINEKO?

I was attracted to MANEKINEKO of all local toys.
The difference from the other lucky charms is that it was born in Japan, and actively invites good fortune by using their own hands.
First, I intended to make MANEKINEKO only and I even made my trade name with MANEKINEKO.
However, I would like to combine it with other lucky charms such as Daruma or Tai to invite more fortune.

――You are using the world heritage "Hosokawa paper" for finishing.
Were there any changes after "Washi, craftsmanship of Japanese handmade paper" was registered as world heritage?

"Hosokawa paper" is made in Ogawa-machi where my master Mr, Shimada lives.
I love Ogawa-machi. It is the nearest undeveloped woodland from Tokyo with beautiful mountains and rural landscapes.
Although Ogawa-machi is famous as a town of papermaking, I heard that it's tough to make a living by papermaking as a family business.
There are many craftsman who go out of business since they have no heir.
Knowing that, I'm so glad to hear that a large number of tour buses comes to SAITAMA CRAFT CENTER in Ogawa-machi every day.
I hope there is something I can give back to Ogawa-machi by continuing to use Hosokawa paper.

――Please tell us about this project with CJ MART and the feature of "Tainori" and "Darumanori".

I am much honored to be able to participate in CJ MART.
I have always wanted to show the papier-mâché of Japan to the world so I'm very happy to have such opportunity.
"Tainori" and "Darumanori" are collaboration of good luck, so the power of good fortune will be powered up!

――Tell us about your plans and aspirations for the near future?

I will have exhibitions and sales in department stores as well as workshops.
I will participate in an event in Paris this year and continue to sell more overseas.
Saori Honma

Papier-mâché artist
She met papier-mâché paper craftsman Shigeo Shimada in 2006 and studied under him.
Her works are currently available at Tokyo department stores.