75 years in business, "KARIMOKU" the wooden furniture manufacturer that Japan is proud of to the world released new BE@RBRICK for C.J.MART!


[Ordering term] From Apr 24th (Fri) 2015 0:00 to May 31st (Sun) 2015 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Ikeda, the project manager for KARIMOKU BE@RBRICK.
――Please tell us about the Rosewood.

Rosewood is a wood with red distinctive look of the surface and has a scent of rose that explains the name of "Rosewood".
It is a rare material that are currently protected by Washington Convention. In the 1960's, because of influence of "Western furniture" ,
Rosewood furniture had been sold widely in Japan.
We focused on "Rosewood" this time because the distribution of the goods made out of "Rosewood" is very rare currently in Japan,
and there is very little opportunity to see this wonderful material.
As a matter of fact, Rosewood is hard-to-find, therefore we are using a special painting technique on "oak" to express texture of Rosewood.

――Please tell us the most difficult part of the reproduction for "Rosewood Style".

The difficult part was the sense of depth in the color of Rosewood.
We repeatedly made samples until Rosewood Style was adopted in Oak material.
The paint craftsman has reproduced carefully by watching the existing Rosewood material in Karimoku workshop.

――This is the second collaboration of KARIMOKU x BE@RBRICK in C.J. MART. Please tell us your expectation?

We would like people to experience the spirit of fine craftsmanship of Japan by touching and seeing it.
And enjoy a warmth of wood, unique texture and serene look of BE@RBRICK.
We are very happy if many people can realize how good wood is.

――Please give a message to those who are looking forward to the KARIMOKU x BE@RBRICK.

We have released many BE@EBRICKS with various theme with MEDICOM TOY.
We always have a theme and add a new seasoning to it every time.
It's all because of the fans that we are able to continue the "Wooden BE@EBRICKS" series
We will continue to challenge new materials and release the furniture quality "Wooden BE@RBRICKS",
so please look forward to it.
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Ikeda Yoshikazu