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Does not belong to anything.

Aritayaki's heresy "Densakugama"
is challenging to the world by using pottery as the method.

Densakugama "φ collection"
Skull Cup Nemuri-neko Noh mask
[Ordering term] From Jan 24th (Sat) 2015 0:00 to Feb 28th (Sat) 2015 23:59
We interviewd Mr.Yokota who created Densakugama "φ collection"
――Please tell us about the concept of the new release called "φ collection".

The "φ" is a symbol that represents the empty set.
The empty set means the set in which none of the elements belonging to.
It is a new method of creation through pottery which is extremely free and it is not relying on anything even on people.

――Please tell us about the point of your expression in the skull Cup of modeling.

This Skull Cup is actually a collaboration work.
Molded is by "Shin Koyama", the Australian-based artist who is not well known in Japan yet.
Collaboration work with "Shin Koyama" is scheduled to continue in the future.

――Please tell us about the Skull Cup coloring.

I put completely different colors and patterns of the impression of skull.
The intense impression of skull was alleviated by putting those kind of paintings and patterns, and made possible to have modern atmosphere.

――What kind of plan do you have for "φ collection" in the future?

We hope to create things by developing the traditional pottery that are from the old days by making full use of technique that Densaku kiln has cultivated in the past.

――Please comment for your clientele and tell us the aspirations for the next work.

The next work will be the second stage of collaboration with "Shin Koyama".
By all means, I would like the customers to take the pottery in their hands
because just seeing the image of it and touching it is a big difference.
I hope you enjoy new releases of the"φ collection" which "do not belong to anything,
doesn't depend on anything, do not even rely on people".
Hirofumi Yokota