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Nishida Shatner Writer, Producer, Actor,

Origami Artist Another world of Nishida Shatner who continues deliver the new theatrical productions.


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We interviewd Mr.NISHIDA who created UNICORN
――How did you start Origami?

I was a child who like Origami. But when I was eight, I was looking at the origami cranes and suddenly realized "This does not look like the real crane at all!".
Then I started making more gradual curve to the neck, or out-folding the long legs rather than the wings. I added a lot of ingenuity to create the convincing crane.
It was a very exciting experience.

From there, I became obsessed with Origami. For example, insects with a complex shape which I want to make the most is not on the Origami book, so I created my own method.
Your own origami creation is up to your idea. You are able to create anything by your effort and inspiration.
Since then, I have been making my own origami work.

――Fascination of Origami

I like to fold creatures. And most of the motif of my work are creatures. Process of origami is very similar to the cell segregation of creatures.
Creatures will become a complex body by the cell segregation. In Origami, you fold little by little in a piece of paper and it will turn into a variety of creatures.
I believe that Origami is the birth of creatures.

Like "UNICORN", I often fold the fantasy creatures and SF movie creatures.
When I have succeeded in folding such creatures, I am pleased to realize that "After all, this creature exists as a living thing".
The creatures existence is a mystery. I feel the mystery of universe and the physical laws.
Fascination of Origami is that you can touch the wonder of universe and the infinite possibilities.

――You have succeeded in variety of fields such as stage director, actor or origami artist. Is there a common point in those field?

Common point is "Using only one thing to create something infinitely".
Theater is making the infinite story from the body of an actor and Origami is making everything from folding a piece of paper.
Even there is a similarity to the nature of the universe because all things were born from just one vibration.

――Please tell us if there was a chemical reaction occurred by doing different activity.

In Origami, creating any shape is possible if you would not give up. And you will be incredibly happy when you have accomplished it.
The sense of accomplishment helps to challenge difficult theatrical productions because I know I am able to accomplish expressing any kind of view (thing) in the theater as well.

The other way around, sometimes literary force unlock the secrets of origami.
For instance,"You are not the master but your work is and you are the servant." Anyway, I have a strong significance for doing Origami.

――Please tell me if there is your belief that does not change in any field.

In your life, sometimes nobody believes in you or stand up for you and you feel very lonely. Then you may step into an area that only you can feel the possibility.
However, I believe that "loneliness is treasure" and lonely moments are very important. I have intuition that there is a door that leads to the vast universe behind the loneliness.

――Please tell us what is your goal and a new thing you want to challenge in future.

I want to fold Origami creatures which are more and more dynamic. Also, I want to fold lively, powerful monsters and SF creatures.
As a theater artist, I want to try to make a theatrical production in the subject of very small space. For example, the space on a table or in a trunk.
I have this idea from a decade ago and I'm sure I will make it.

――Comment on C.J.MART and C.J.MART limited edition "UNICORN"

C.J.MART is a great project. MEDICOM TOY transmitting the hand craft artists to the world honestly makes me happy.
As a SF movie and action figure fan myself, it is a joy to work with MEDICOM TOY.

C.J.MART limited edition "UNICORN" is an advanced item with a partial improvement to the previous "UNICORN" I've released.
It took me over one year to complete it. I have great confidence and proud of the new "UNICORN".

All the elements of Origami from special "folding" technique to basic techniques are in it.
By all means, please try to check and touch it. I folded it with my spirit by using a stiff paper. It comes with a instruction,
you can try by yourself. My work is based on the technique called the "22.5 degrees system" in the origami world.

There are many 22.5 angle in my Origami work. The technique originally came from "paper cranes".
It is me who started the origami creation by changing the traditional paper cranes but I can say that this "UNICORN" is the grandchildren of the traditional paper cranes.
If you touch it, you are able to understand that traditional technique and modern new methods coexists.

Please visit http://www.n-shatner.com/
Nishida Shatner

Born in Osaka 1965.
Writer, Theater director, Actor,

Origami artist Continues to work with commitments with strong body expression in his film as a drama director.

Also, continuing long activities as origami artist.
In 1990, established theater company "Planet Pistaccio" with his college friends. Experimental theater style gained attention.

Kuranosuke Sasaki and Zennosuke Fukkin was participating.
(Disbanded in 2000).

He won the 1st prize at one-man show festival "Fight Alobe 4th" in 2014. In the origami world, he started as a very young boy.
His precise and lively style is highly regarded in abroad as well.

In 2013, he gained attention with his exhibition
held at Morohash: Museum of Modern Art in Fukushima.

Nishida Shatner official website