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Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Fujiwara Kumicho creates the Ogre.

Aritayaki's heresy "Densakugama" faithfully reproduce the Kimen created by Yoshiaki Fujiwara!


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We interviewd Mr.FUJIWARA who created Kimen
――You were a successful professional wrestler....so please tell us how you started with pottery.

Since it was years ago, I had already forgotten.

――So what is the fascination of pottery?

You can freely mold clay in your hands. I like the feeling as if it were born out from my hands.

――Please tell us if there is something in common between a professional wrestler and a potter.

I have never even thought about it.

――Please tell us if there was a chemical reaction occurred by doing two completely different activities.

I have never even thought about it.

――Please tell us what is your goal and a new thing you want to challenge in future.

I want to do what I want, when I want as I want.

――Please give us a comment on C.J.MART limited edition 「Kimen」

"Kimen" suddenly came up to my mind and was born out of my hand.

――The other day, there might have been a lot of fans surprised to see your different side by watching you on TV. What was people's reactions after the broadcast?

It is OK to be surprised, but I am myself. I do not care about the reaction.

――Your Comment on "Kimen"

It depends on each person. You can decide whether it is great or boring.
Please evaluate by yourself.
Yoshiaki Fujiwara