Masterpiece of INSTINCTOY.
The limited model by VINCENT VS. LIQUID is
lineup to C.J.MART!

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We interviewd Mr.OHKUBO who createdVINCENT VS. LIQUID "THE MAGUMA"
――History of INSTINCTOY. How did you start making the original toy?

I studied painting from childhood and I took major in design in my college because I wanted to have a job related to art.
I collected toys and was fascinated by trends of the street beginning in the late 1990s.
I was especially attracted to the works of "Art Toy", and the most inspiring work was the BE@RBRICK SERIES 1, released in 2001 by MEDICOM TOY.

One day, I casually picked up the toy magazine in the bookstore during my break in my part-time job. I can vividly see the picture on the
BE@RBRICK SERIES 1 advertisement I saw, even today.

With this as the starting point, I felt the desire to design and produce toys that I really wanted and spread the "Art Toy" to the world.
Thus, I decided to launch start business when I was 21 years old.

However, without any funds to open a physical store, I first started a shop online. For about 4 years, I sold toys and did market research.
I also wrote a toy blog everyday and continued for 3 years, spending 8 hours to write them, in order to attract customers who liked my style.

Based on the toy selling experience, I founded INSTINCTOY in 2005. In order to break away from just selling others' toys,
I started searching for factories in Hong Kong and China from 2006 that could manufacture original figurines.

I struggled with language barriers and cultural differences, but I got over the difficulties by strong determination to produce my completely original characters,
which I drew again and again to reach perfection.

After spending about two years developing the character, I finally released "inc" in March 2008, my first ever original character.
I wrote a production report of my original toy on my blog and told all of my success and failures during my work. By doing so, I received big support from my followers.

Initially, my sales goal was to sell 50pcs of the limited edition in 10 variations but surprisingly, I sold 260pcs on my first launch.
Since then to 2014, I released a variation of 19 colors and sold more than 2,000 figurines.
I have also manufactured and sold a variety of characters in many sizes, besides "inc".

I transferred my office from Tokyo to Shiga Prefecture in 2010.
I started not only an online store but also opened a brick and motor store which I designed on my own, and continued selling toys.

――The untold story behind the creation of VINCENT.

In 9 years from age 21 to 29, I established my business and launched my own toy brand.
Also I designed, manufactured and sold my original toys.
I even released my original BE@RBRICK as a commemorative item for my shop launch.
I was able to achieve many of the goals that had been drawn in the 20's.

It was a shame, but I was "burnout" from the sense of accomplishment.
I lost willingness to create new work. That year, I did not participate the toy event held in Taiwan which I had been participating every year.
I was only releasing the color variations of "inc" for a while, but one day, my best friend and my biggest fan from Taiwan asked me to participate
the Taiwan Toy Festival in 2012.

After 2 years of blank, I anticipated that Taiwanese customers reaction towards INSTICTTOY would be chilly.
Despite my anxiety, the reaction of the customers was enthusiastic.
Many fans came to my booth. Some of them brought my previous work and asked for an autograph and some of them brought a drawing of "inc".
I was amazed by the surprising big reaction.

The reason why the fans have been increasing in Taiwan was my best friend.
He sincerely loved my works, introduced them to many people and was continuing promotional activities diligently.
He invited a lot of people and advertised my participation towards the event.

At that time, he was into collecting "Kaiju figures".
We did not speak the same language but I wanted to convey my gratitude somehow, so I decided to make a Toy to only please him.
And that is how "Vincent" was born. The Nickname of my best friend was "Vincent".

There was such a story and the special packaging for this product is because it was originally for a gift to my dear friend.

――Comment on C.J.MART limited edition 「VINCENT VS. LIQUID "THE MAGUMA"」

The color is an image of burning lava.
All my yoys have a fictional theme which is "erosion of mysterious life form"
It is a great battle of Vincent vs Liquid in his body.
Multiple erosion monsters "LIQUID" are trying to erosion into the body of VINCENT.

This figure is a very big piece as a sofubi so I suggested the lava color, which is the liquid of great energy.
Senior Vice President Okubo Inc.
(Operating company for INSTINCTOY)