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Genius wood carving artists, "KENJI MURABAYASHI" from Osaka. Master of analog polygon with the chisel.
Lucky Manekineko (L) [LEFT]
Lucky Manekineko (S) [RIGHT]
(C) ムラバヤシケンジ/morrison
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We interviewd Mr.MURABAYASHI who created Lucky Manekineko.
――How did you start this work, the wood carving.

In 1996, I stayed at the Lake Akan Ainu Kotan while traveling in Hokkaido. At that time, I was able to meet with unique artists and finding the handcrafts shops which
carrying a lot of wood carving and various works. Then, I stay in the "House of Debo", the crafts store as a sponger and became a sales person.

The owner, Debo Akibe taught me how to carve and how to sharpen the blade then I began a wood carving.
Back then, I mostly was making the products for sale in the shop, but if you see the gifts I had given to my local friends, you will know that my style of work has not changed much.

――Fascination of the wood carving.

Wood is a natural material and every wood is different even in the same type of tree.
It is difficult to carve wood. Because there is a direction of the fibers, you have to carve into only one direction.
The carving without hesitation has a comfortable feeling. But the carving with hesitation has sensibility in a good way.
I like to carve quickly and roughly by wide blade chisel. A sense of vigor in surface and create the shape with configuration of a simple surface is my wood carving.

――Comments on Lucky Manekineko

I made Mamekineko in the order of the client before, so this is the second time to create Mamekineko.
I am happier now, so I believe that this new Manekineko is even luckier.

Since I made this piece in a very relaxed mood, therefore I think this Manekineko has also a relax mood in to it.
Decorate it in your home by all means. Good things will come if you can laugh a little or feeling a little fun by watching it.