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The sensational debut of "Giant MIROCK" from MIROCK TOY!
Giant MIROCK gold[LEFT]
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We interviewd Mr.Kaneko who created Giant MIROCK.
――History of MIROCK TOY

We are planning and selling toys specially focusing on Sofubi from 2010, primarily on motif of Buddha.

――Reason why incorporating Bosatsu as the image source of molding.

I love things generally called Buddha benevolently, but especially Miroku Bosatsu among them. It even became my company name. But there are several types and variety in
Miroku Bosatsu and my #1 favorite is Miroku Bosatsu Hankashiyuizo(Houkan Miroku)in Koryuji, Kyoto. Image source of MIROCK TOY is from this Houkan Miroku,
the Crowned Maitreya and MIROCK TOY will keep continue to appeal this Miroku Bosatsu.

――The untold story behind the creation of Giant MIROCK.

Actually, I had been produced works which the motif from Buddha even before launching MIROCK TOY and I created series of six plaster Buddha.
One of the six plaster Buddhas is an elements of Giant MIROCK and logo of MIROCK TOY. When I launch MIROCK TOY, I wanted to create the signature product with
the impact that leads to the future of us and I decided to create Miroku Bosatsu in huge size like no other.
However, it was too big as Sufubi therefore it has been produced in a method of rotation molding not slash molding.

――Comment on C.J.MART limited edition Giant MIROCK(gold/red)

I was thrilled to see the finishing of gold color plated version because I could not imagine how it would be done when applied plating to solid form. After all, It was more beautiful than I expected and I was very impressed.

It is really unique and I absolutely want it. About red version, although I prefer a single color, the red color did not hit me first because I was thinking more pop color. But after I saw the finishing product, it was very refreshing to me because
I found a great profound feeling in it. I absolutely want it as well!
MIROCK TOY President Kaneko Yowohei