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The second wave of the very popular C.J.MART BE@RBRICK that was released in January!!
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We had an interview with Mr. Takaishi from the Japan Tourism Agency which cooperates
with Cool Japan and Visit Japan.
─Message about Cool Japan and about BE@RBRICK C.J.MART SAKURA
Visit Japan Project which is operated by Japan Tourism Agency actively transmitting contents of "Cool Japan" such as Japanese food, Japanese alcohol beverage, animation and fashion throughforeign travel fair, websites, Facebook and etc to promote the charms of Japan to the world.
Currently, as "Cool Japan", the Japanese pop culture such as manga or anime has been recognized worldwide and getting more attention each day.

Without missing this opportunity, Visit Japan Project and Cool Japan Project need to work together to promote the charm of Japan to abroad.
"C.J.MART BE@RBRICK SAKURA", is a very beautiful item with motif of "SAKURA" which is the symbol of Japan based in Japan red.
We, Tourism Agency consider this as a valuable opportunity to promote the charm of Japan to overseas through "C.J.MART BE@RBRICK SAKURA".

We actively implement promoting the charm of Japan to create Japan boom by using Cool Japan contents to reach the next goal which is to generate 20 million foreign tourist visiting Japan.
Tourism Agency Japan brand and outbound Gaikyaku
attract called Counsellor with senior staff
Hayato Takaishi