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CJ Mart limited edition BE@RBRICK is released
from "KARIMOKU" the wooden furniture manufacturer that Japan is proud of to the world!
[Ordering term] From April 24th (Thu) 2014 0:00 to May 31st (Sat) 2014 23:59
We interviewed Mr. Ikeda, the project manager for KARIMOKU BE@RBRICK.
─History of KARIMOKHistory of the wooden furniture maker "KARIMOKU" trace back to timber shop followed since the Edo era. In 1940, Shohei Kato took over the timber shop and established a wood working shop in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.

In the 40's, they were manufacturing the spinning machine for the spinning industry that supported the reconstruction of post-war Japan.
Also as a subcontractor, they gradually developed their paint and wood processing technology by manufacturing piano, sewing machine tables, TV stands with legs and various wooden products.

In the early '60s, they released the first domestic made furniture and continued to pursue "high-tech and high touch made in Japan" in KARIMOKU way with large-scaled and advanced production equipment to fully demonstrate craftsmanship and creativity.

For sales and after sales service, they established a system that covers the entire country.
They also established their own unique system to control from material procurement to manufacturing and sales within their group.
They are currently pushing steadily to expand sales into the overseas market.

They have also been aware of environmental conservation and started reforming and utilizing parawood from over 30 years ago and continue to challenge and contribute to improve the quality of human life.
─Story of a making KARIMOKU BE@RBRICKThere are only few square parts on BE@RBRICK and most of parts have a curved surface.

To make the curved surface is very difficult in wood processing so they utilize their technique that they have developed by making furniture.
Everything cannot be completed by machine process so the important key points are carefuly made by hand by the craftsman.

Extreme precision is required compared to furniture making since the parts are very small compared to furnitures.
KARIMOKU BE@RBRICK is manufactured and finished in a polite and attentive process by craftsman who knows all about woods.
─The main attractions of the productThis product is made by the valuable Tohoku "Chestnut" which have been used for houses and Japanese furnitures from long time ago.
BE@RBRICK has many curves and since the parts are very precise, it makes them very difficult to process even for well skilled craftsman.
Chestnut is characterized by its clear grain and the expressions of each wood are different.
This means there are no product which are the same which makes each product "one and only in the world".

This product has applied indigo dyeing which has been popular since ancient times.
Paint color was originally thin green but it has changed into dark blue by exposing into air.
By having craftsman painting layers, the products has a dark blue color which looks like a vintage denim.
We hope you can feel the warmth and softness of the wood through this BE@RBRICK.
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Ikeda Norikazu