Press Release

Good luck "Oinu-sama"(2017.9.24)

Lacquered Sofubi Mazinger Z with Platinum Finish(2017.5.24)

Kougei Co., Ltd. Mazinger Z、Solid Gold MIROCK、Negora Release Information(2017.4.24)

Kintaro by MURABAYASHI KENJI Release Information(2017.2.24)

NEW CATALOG "SORAYAMA" Hajime Sorayama NORMAL EDITION、SPECIAL EDITION Release Information(2016.12.24)

"Forever 5-year-old" series、Valentine BEAR by KENJI MURABAYASH Release Information(2016.12.24)

Asura(40cm) Release Information(2016.10.24)

ENGIMONO DEPARTMENT STORE original series Release Information(2016.9.24)

The good luck Rooster Release Information(2016.9.24)

Loch Ness Pennant Release Information(2016.8.24)

TCJ ULTRAMAN broadcasting 50th anniversary project Release Information(2016.8.24)

『Buddy-DX』『Buddy(White anodized)』『Buddy(Black anodized)』 Release Information(2016.7.24)

Elephant of Jakuchu (Original / Shangri-La / jade) Release Information(2016.6.24)

Where have all the months gone? (campai) Release Information(2016.6.24)

YUKIHERO PRO-WRESTLING Mecha Elvis collection Release Information(2016.5.24)

BE@RBRICK KARIMOKU CRACK PAINT 400% Release Information(2016.4.24)

Good luck fortune Tengu Release Information(2016.4.24)

Wooden Kendama made by KARIMOKU Release Information(2016.3.24)

3D puzzle(trompe l'oeil of Edo) 、MANDVASE、Tsuno Daishi Mask Release Information(2015.12.24)

YOSHI SUGAHARA CANVAS ART THEATER act.1 『BRUCE LEE』 Release Information(2015.11.24)

TIT WIZARD PLUSH Release Information(2015.11.13)

NEWSED Release Information(2015.8.24)

Hajime Sorayama _sexy Robot standing model _A Release Information(2015.7.24)

NYAGOTH(Lacquer-style finish) Release Information(2015.6.24)

Good luck fortune DARUMA Release Information(2015.6.24)

Guillotinna Giclee Release Information(2015.5.24)

Darumanori Tainori Release Information(2015.5.24)

BE@RBRICK Karimoku ROSEWOOD PAINT 400% Release Information(2015.4.24)

2WD Bycycle Double MTB DBMT-0101 Release Information(2015.3.24)

Densakugama "φ collection" Release Information(2015.1.24)

Kimen Release Information(2014.12.24)

Unicorn Release Information(2014.12.24)

VINCENT VS. LIQUID "THE MAGUMA" Release Information(2014.10.24)

Lucky Manekineko Release Information(2014.9.24)

Giant MIROCK Release Information(2014.8.24)

BULLMARK type GODZILLA (Green) by M1GO BULLMARK GODZILLA (J-tail Purple) by M1GO Release Information(2014.7.24)

BE@RBRICK C.J.MART Sakura 100%,400%Release Information(2014.6.24)

Densakugama Kinsei "Negora" by Konatsuya (Maneki neko/Mike) Release Information(2014.5.24)

Karimoku INDIGO PAINT 400%Release Information(2014.4.24)

C.J.MART Open Information (2014.1.31)