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GLOBE-TROTTER 21” Trolley case

230,000 yen
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Body: Vulcan fiber
Belt: Cowhide

※ The size, in inches.

Color:Navy/Blue, Navy/Pink

With Joe preppy and Globe Trotter 's in the UK
Collaboration model . Of red to navy base color
Color like preppy is a characteristic. Also the inner liner
Fabric like preppy gingham check has been used .

Globe Trotter , since its inception in 1897 ,
I used lightweight materials and robust , called Vulcan fiber
Travel case brand . Since its inception , design and universal
Travel case to increase the taste enough to knock down ,
In our own factory in the UK suburbs , in the process almost unchanged from the beginning
Are made one by one by skilled craftsmen .

※ surface we have a waterproof but is not completely waterproof .
If left in the rain , or damage the lock and frame part ,
The contents of interior and rainwater soaks inside
Because there also be damage or , please be careful .
(If you wet with rainwater , please wipe it off thoroughly with a dry cloth . )

※ color of Globe Trotter , according to the well-thumbed
It becomes tasteful texture .
However, it is rubbed or strong ,
If the product is used a special waterproof spray and cleaner ,
Because you may adhesion of the color to something or other discoloration may occur
Please note

※ In addition , it is attached to a product before you use it
" Certificate " and " Owner's Handbook "
Thank you Itadakitaku confirm .

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